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LancairTalk Net

November 5, 2016

LancairTalk Net Join the many Lancair Owners and fans at LancairTalk. You will find relative information on the many aircraft types produced by Lancair International.

Journey to Coolangata

September 9, 2016

“Journey to Coolangata”   Henry and Henson’s Great Adventure All good adventures start with a simple plan. My buddy from Sydney Australia, Bryan Jacobs, gave.

Announcing Business Offering/Sale

July 8, 2016

For:  Immediate Release        July 7, 2016 Media Contact: Mr. Kevin Eldredge Director of Business Development 541-923-2244 kevine@lancair.com Lancair International, Inc. Announcing Business Offering/Sale  Lancair International,.

Evolution #062 First Flight

May 15, 2016

Another Evolution takes flight! Bob Wolstenholme flew to SA last weekend to inspect and help with the test flight. This makes 65 Evolutions now flying..

First Flight L2K-336

May 15, 2016

James Seilbach, Afton WY, L2K-336 N93ZG, had his first flight on April 29th. Ernie Sutter was PIC. Leighton Mangels in the Portland OR area assisted.

The End of a “Legacy”…

May 2, 2016

It all began in 1985 with the revolutionary Lancair 200, an aircraft so technically advanced that it’s now part of the experimental aircraft association museum.

builder assist program

No doubt, building a Lancair kit is an exciting adventure, but as graduates of Lancair’s Builder’s Assist Program are discovering, it’s even more exciting when you have qualified Lancair staff doubling your productivity! Not only do the participants in the Lancair Builder’s Assist Program walk away from the experience feeling more comfortable and confident with their own skills for the remainder of the project, they begin seeing the end results at a much faster rate, igniting their determination to finish the project.  Along with that they have made new friends and can put a “name to a face” when calling Lancair for continued customer support.

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